Growing up, I have constantly been surrounded with creativity, whether that’s through art or music. There has always been that residual existence within my life so far. From a young age I have never been much of a talker, but more of an observer, heightening my attention to my surroundings and environment. My interest in photography started to emerge when I was 14 and has grown into a love for both photography and video. A love not only for work but as an art form, a way to tell stories and capture the brilliance in all that surrounds us. My aim is to never let it become just a job, but to continue, and strive to produce art.

As I was transitioning between college and pursuing my career, trying to find my feet, I fell upon The Kiln Photo Workshops. A nurturing environment for like minded photographers of all abilities. This allows me to be exposed to people with experience in photography as both an art form and career path, forming an invaluable creative community. I now work here regularly teaching digital development with a more modern understanding of digital photography.
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